Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would be leading a group of parents to Olympia I would have laughed... But today as I proudly stood next to several parents that were there in some way because of me it was amazing. I did laugh but not in the way I ever thought I would... I laughed because I realized that things that you think may never happen...HAPPEN.

It's been a journey getting to were I am and how I feel about the work I do but it's been a journey that is worth being shared by others who may thing the same things like me..." Im just a parent, I can't do it" "I'm just a parent what do they need me for". I started off as a parent who was for certain that my voice would never make a difference in any thing I believed in.

Now five years later, I marched with two great mentors and a best friend to stairs of our capital. Hearing people chant and shout the rhythms that had been created. At one moment I dropped out of the crowd to take pictures of the movement of people all lined up rallying with us. All here for one reason, to SAVE THE CHILDREN!